Fluid Glass Tile Collection


It’s not every day that a new product is so unique that you have nothing to compare with. This is the case with Fluid Glass Tile; from its looks to the production process everything in this collection is unique.

Fluid Glass Tile is a mosaic collection made out of recycled glass in a process that is part science part art. The result is a glass that is clear and very smooth, locking small particles inside each piece as if they were immersing in water.

With a color pallet that ranges from earthy to aqua tones, it is a perfect fit for showers, spas, backsplashes, and swimming pools.

With 41 items, this collection comes in six sizes between mosaics and tiles. The mosaics, all face mounted, come in traditional 1″x1″ chips, 2″x4″ mini subway, and multi-size liners. The tiles come in 3.5″x14″ and 7″x14″. The collection also offers 1″x14″ trim pieces in 12 different colors.
Created to satisfy the most demanding customer, Fluid Glass Tile is a refreshing new idea in the tile world. All tiles and mosaics are 3/8″ (8mm) thick and suitable for outdoor and indoor walls including showers and swimming pools.

To learn more about this incredible collection go to Fluid Glass Tile page on our website and start planning out your new wall.


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