Monthly Archive:: December 2015

21 Dec 2015

Artistic Mosaic Collection – stone and glass gracefuly mixed in six-sided shape tiles

Creative minds forge art and beauty by putting together different materials and intricate designs. The Artistic Mosaic Collection reflects precisely this concept featuring a graceful mix of stone and glass in six-sided shape tiles. The uniqueness of
14 Dec 2015

Directions Collection – Transforming your space into a refuge

The Directions Collection blends modernity and artisanal techniques to create unique tiles. Its organically inspired brush strokes create a natural and peaceful look embodied in elegant palettes. All tiles are made with high-quality 3/8″ (8mm) glass, featuring
7 Dec 2015

Brick Subway Collection – A touch of classic elegance

The Brick Subway Collection evokes a feeling of antiquity and craftsmanship often missing on modern tiles. Its traditional brick biscuit shape brings to life again a simpler time when skilled artisans worked noble materials to create unique
1 Dec 2015

Shimmer Collection – Delicate waves of pure color

Waves of colorful lights make the Shimmer Collection something unique. It is a vibrant selection of tiles that will shine on your project. The Shimmer Collection features tiles with an iridescent and yet glossy finish, shimmering the