Aqua Color Collection – Add color and soul to your project


Glass tiles evoke a sense of elegance. Durable and long lasting, they also bring an artistic quality to any project. These luminous pieces can transform a space, especially wet areas, as glass reflects light and creates a harmonic and peaceful effect.

The Aqua Color Collection is a well-curated selection of glass tiles for swimming pools, spas, showers, bathtub surrounds and, of course, kitchen backsplashes.

The series features 24 colors and four patterns that will add beauty and brightness while creating a captivating look. Made with pure glass, they are 3/8” (8 mm) thick, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications and both commercial and residential spaces. The mosaics come in mesh-mounted sheets for easy installation.


Add color and soul to your pool, kitchen, or bathroom with the Aqua Color Collection. To learn more about this interesting series, go to Aqua Color page on our website.

aqua-color-collection aqua-color-collection

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