Bathroom Archive

20 Oct 2017

What grout should I use?

  Everyday we get many calls from customers inquiring us what grout they should use and what color, and because of this we wrote some tips that might help you. This is not an installation guideline or do
24 Aug 2016

Tile Inspiration – DIY Tile Backsplash Kit Statuary

The DIY Backsplash Kit Statuary is the ultimate ready-to-use kit for home improvement that will take your walls from boring to amazing in just a few hours and without the hassle. The kit includes the tools and
26 Jul 2016

Tile Inspiration – Aqua Color Collection

The Aqua Color Collection is a well-curated selection of glass tiles for swimming pools, spas, showers, bathtub surrounds and, of course, kitchen backsplashes. The series features 24 colors and four patterns that will add beauty and brightness
1 Jul 2016

Aqua Color Collection – Add color and soul to your project

Glass tiles evoke a sense of elegance. Durable and long lasting, they also bring an artistic quality to any project. These luminous pieces can transform a space, especially wet areas, as glass reflects light and creates a
22 Jun 2016

Tile Inspiration – Inter+Locking Collection

The Inter+Lock Collection is all about patterns and materials. It is a selection of interlocking wall tiles that will add an eye-catching design to your walls. The collection carries 27 amazing tiles, mixing different materials such as
1 Jun 2016

Inter+Lock Collection – Create a contemporary look for your walls

Mosaic tiles are a great way to live up a room. They come in so many colors, materials, and patterns that will transform the look and feel of any room completely. And the Inter+Lock Collection is all
25 May 2016

Tile Inspiration – Metallica Collection

The Metallica Collection brings an industrial, modern look to accent walls, kitchens, and bathrooms. The collection carries six gorgeous patterns, 3/8” (8 mm) thick, with some of them featuring a very modern mix of glass and stainless
11 May 2016

Metallica Collection – the metal nobleness translated into modern stainless steel tiles

For many years, metals have been used in interior design as a source of refinement and elegance. With their noble and sleek touch, metals can transform a space completely so you can have a cutting-edge room. The
4 Apr 2016

Metropole Collection – modern interpretation of the classic subway tile

For a long time, subway tiles were synonymous with the 3 x 6-inch plain ceramic tiles. But these little rectangular tiles first used on the walls of the New York City subway stations have gotten a new
9 Jan 2016

Field Glass Collection – minimalistic design inspired by nature

Inspired by nature, Field Glass is an elegant collection of textured glass tiles. With a minimalistic design, the tiles stand out to make a bold statement on any wall. The collection features four earth-toned colors, Crespuscolo, Neve,