Swimming Pool Archive

20 Oct 2017

What grout should I use?

  Everyday we get many calls from customers inquiring us what grout they should use and what color, and because of this we wrote some tips that might help you. This is not an installation guideline or do
26 Jul 2016

Tile Inspiration – Aqua Color Collection

The Aqua Color Collection is a well-curated selection of glass tiles for swimming pools, spas, showers, bathtub surrounds and, of course, kitchen backsplashes. The series features 24 colors and four patterns that will add beauty and brightness
1 Jul 2016

Aqua Color Collection – Add color and soul to your project

Glass tiles evoke a sense of elegance. Durable and long lasting, they also bring an artistic quality to any project. These luminous pieces can transform a space, especially wet areas, as glass reflects light and creates a
1 Dec 2015

Shimmer Collection – Delicate waves of pure color

Waves of colorful lights make the Shimmer Collection something unique. It is a vibrant selection of tiles that will shine on your project. The Shimmer Collection features tiles with an iridescent and yet glossy finish, shimmering the
11 May 2015

Tile Inspiration: Iris Glass Tile

Inspire yourself with the Mediterranean colors and create a one of a kind retreat in your home with Iris Glass Tiles Collection. Available in twelve colors and blends and six sizes from 2” x 2” to oval
1 May 2015

Iridescent Beauty – Iris Collection

The Iris Glass Tile collection allures your sense and creates a vivid flow of colors that will always surprise you. Like a play of hide and seek, different colors show up on the face of the glass
16 Apr 2015

Tile Inspiration: Crystal Glass

Don’t be afraid to add some serious color to your next project. From blues to greens, yellows, purples and more, Crystal Tile Collection offers you an incredible color pallet. The tiles are made of one of the
2 Apr 2015

Crystal Tile Collection

Colorful tiles for bold projects Have you ever dreamed of using every color of the rainbow on your walls? We have it. The result is the Crystal Tile Collection, a mosaic tile selection that offers you amazing
24 Feb 2015

Tile Inspiration – Ocean Glass

With a color palette inspired by a beach theme, Ocean Glass Tile Collection will bring nature to your home. It looks organic and easily coordinates with wood, natural stone, or even metal such as stainless steel and
13 Feb 2015

Ocean Glass Tile Collection

A true treasure from the deep seas Inspired by the beauty of  the most beautiful beaches in the world, Ocean Glass Tile Collection is a unique blend of know-how and simplicity. These tiles add a natural sense