9 Jan 2016

Field Glass Collection – minimalistic design inspired by nature

Inspired by nature, Field Glass is an elegant collection of textured glass tiles. With a minimalistic design, the tiles stand out to make a bold statement on any wall. The collection features four earth-toned colors, Crespuscolo, Neve,
21 Dec 2015

Artistic Mosaic Collection – stone and glass gracefuly mixed in six-sided shape tiles

Creative minds forge art and beauty by putting together different materials and intricate designs. The Artistic Mosaic Collection reflects precisely this concept featuring a graceful mix of stone and glass in six-sided shape tiles. The uniqueness of
14 Dec 2015

Directions Collection – Transforming your space into a refuge

The Directions Collection blends modernity and artisanal techniques to create unique tiles. Its organically inspired brush strokes create a natural and peaceful look embodied in elegant palettes. All tiles are made with high-quality 3/8″ (8mm) glass, featuring
7 Dec 2015

Brick Subway Collection – A touch of classic elegance

The Brick Subway Collection evokes a feeling of antiquity and craftsmanship often missing on modern tiles. Its traditional brick biscuit shape brings to life again a simpler time when skilled artisans worked noble materials to create unique
1 Dec 2015

Shimmer Collection – Delicate waves of pure color

Waves of colorful lights make the Shimmer Collection something unique. It is a vibrant selection of tiles that will shine on your project. The Shimmer Collection features tiles with an iridescent and yet glossy finish, shimmering the
14 Nov 2015

Luminous Collection: The beauty of pure crystal glass

The beauty of pure crystal glass is the essence of this collection. The pastel tones and basic shapes create a tile collection that is sophisticated and easy to the eyes. Luminous Collection can be part of almost
9 Nov 2015

Boatwood Collection – add a real natural look to the wall

It’s not every day that the words mosaic and warm come along, but that is exactly the case with the pieces on Boatwood Reclaimed Collection. Made out of reclaimed wood from old merchant boats, all mosaics carry
20 Aug 2015

Tile Inspiration – Pearl Collection

Decorate your walls with the shimmering Pearl Glass Tile. This collection translates the beauty of mother of pearl into lovely mosaic tiles. All tiles are made of clear glass coated with a unique color palette, which beautifully
4 Aug 2015

The beauty of mother of pearl translated into lovely mosaic tiles

According to the dictionary, mother of pearl, also known as nacre, is “a hard, iridescent substance that forms the inner layer of certain mollusk shells”. Since 4,000 BC, from ancient Egypt to Greece, mother of pearl has
15 Jul 2015

Tile Inspiration – Alumina Collection

Bring the modern touch of aluminum to your walls. The Alumina Tile Collection is an excellent choice for a modern or contemporary project. The collection carries 54 gorgeous aluminum mosaic tiles, designed to reflect a high-end and