2 Jul 2015

Elegance Forged in Aluminum - Alumina Tile Collection

Aluminum is the most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust. Its silvery-white color is related to an industrial and technological look, making it an excellent choice for modern and contemporary projects. The Alumina Tile Collection is a
19 Jun 2015

Get inspired by the Artesano Glass Tile Collection

Release your creativity and get inspired by the Artesano Glass Tile Collection, a curated selection of beauty and uniqueness to live up your walls. The collection carries 18 gorgeous stained glass mosaic tiles, carefully designed to express
3 Jun 2015

Beauty made by hand – Artesano Glass Tile

Artesano is the Spanish word for artisan, the skilled craft worker who creates beauty by hand. With patience, care and love, artisans have the power to produce art and uniqueness. The Artesano Glass Tile Collection translates that
11 May 2015

Tile Inspiration: Iris Glass Tile

Inspire yourself with the Mediterranean colors and create a one of a kind retreat in your home with Iris Glass Tiles Collection. Available in twelve colors and blends and six sizes from 2” x 2” to oval
1 May 2015

Iridescent Beauty – Iris Collection

The Iris Glass Tile collection allures your sense and creates a vivid flow of colors that will always surprise you. Like a play of hide and seek, different colors show up on the face of the glass
16 Apr 2015

Tile Inspiration: Crystal Glass

Don’t be afraid to add some serious color to your next project. From blues to greens, yellows, purples and more, Crystal Tile Collection offers you an incredible color pallet. The tiles are made of one of the
2 Apr 2015

Crystal Tile Collection

Colorful tiles for bold projects Have you ever dreamed of using every color of the rainbow on your walls? We have it. The result is the Crystal Tile Collection, a mosaic tile selection that offers you amazing
18 Mar 2015

Tile Inspiration: Waters Glass

Dramatic colors and delicate waves make these handmade tiles a true piece of art. So let’s play with colors, shapes and finishes and sail away from the old standards. The powerful and sophisticated look of the Waters
4 Mar 2015

Waters Glass Tile Collection

Peaceful waves for an incredible look The Waters Glass Tile Collection is a work of art inspired by nature’s water flows. A tile so soft to the touch and so beautiful that is almost impossible to not
24 Feb 2015

Tile Inspiration – Ocean Glass

With a color palette inspired by a beach theme, Ocean Glass Tile Collection will bring nature to your home. It looks organic and easily coordinates with wood, natural stone, or even metal such as stainless steel and